This illustrates how complicated my process really is This illustrates how complicated my process really is

I wish I could truthfully write down my design process in a nice, clean format, but every project differs so much that it's hard to capture it accurately.

However, there are some things that I have noticed in almost every project:

  • I am tackling a problem or a product in an area I know nothing about.
    • I've grown to be okay with learning on the fly.
    • I've gotten comfortable asking questions and possibly looking dumb.
    • I've often found myself thoroughly engrossed and hyper-fixated on a project.
  • I'm always taking in feedback.
    • I like showing my half-baked and messy work to others.
    • I like to meet with the dev and PM daily. The more we communicate, the better.
    • Sometimes, I get feedback that I disagree with but still mock up. I've found this to be a really easy way to settle arguments and build trust among a team.
    • I have no issue pivoting my design as we learn new information or others on the team have a brilliant idea at the 11th hour.
  • I have bitten off more than I can chew.
    • At some point in a project, I find it so complicated that I want to give up, but I see that as a sign that I'm working on something that truly matters.
  • I have to repeat myself a lot.
    • I find that even when I have a strong vision, mockups, and documentation, I still have to stand up for the design decisions I believe in continuously. And that's okay. Deep down, everyone on the team wants what they think is best for the product, but sometimes, you must remind everyone of the value of good UX.
  • Just because I mocked it up doesn't mean I'm right.
    • I love being on teams where my designs are challenged by dev, QA, and PM. I generally view this as a sign that they care about the product too. My hope is that I can create an environment where they feel comfortable challenging me, we can put egos aside, and the best ideas win.