UI/UX Design, Frontend


I was brought on to Talent Plus at the outset of a redesign of TalentBank, a proprietary software that handles the sending, sharing, and viewing results of over 3 million pre-hire/developmental assessments a year. With this redesign it was decided that we would rebuild from scratch. With the exception of a few frameworks and some style guidelines set in place by the marketing team, I had a blank slate. Our main goal for the redesign was to create a platform that was easy to use for internal and external users, while balancing the complexities of all the integrations and custom development we had built for clients over the companies 30 year history.

This project involved meeting with clients, working with the product director on requirements, sketching mockups, wire framing, creating high-fidelity clickable prototypes, back to collaborating with clients again, developer input, communicating with the branding team, coding out the front-end, and QA testing. We had a very successful launch of our MVP and have since moved on to version 2 (and 3).

The Team

7 devs, 2 QA, PM, UI/UX Design/Front-end Dev (Me)

Project Date

Mar 2017 - Sep 2020


High Fidelity

User Analytics

Requirements Gathering



Clickable Prototype (Simplified version to respect company data)